Megumi & Paul

Soda Rock winery

Hi Kiyoe!

Thank you SO much again for your excellent work and support for our wedding. We also think the wedding went extremely well and enjoyed it very much! But of course as the bride and groom we were also very busy greeting and entertaining guests so, as expected, we didn't get to enjoy it as much as we would have liked. I told Paul that I wish we could've been guests at our own wedding! ;)

I think the food tasted great. BethAnn's cake was a huge hit! As it was a hot day, it seemed people preferred beer and white wine for the beverages. We and the guests enjoyed the dancing a lot, too. It would have been nice to have another hour or so of dancing but there was no room for negotiating that cut-off time, so it couldn't be helped.

Anyway, we would be happy to give you some more feedback on each of the vendors in another e-mail, if you're interested. We will also let you know if our friends give us feedback, too - although I'm happy to know that one of our guests gave you direct feedback at the wedding!

Thank you again so much!


Hi Kiyoe,

Please allow me to reiterate our profound gratitude for your amazing work on our wedding. You were just so wonderful. You were so responsive, so helpful, so generous with your time and an absolute pleasure to work with. While I share Megumi's sentiment that I wish we had more time to enjoy our friends and family at the event (and it just whizzed right by...) we both just had such a fantastic time at our wedding. We could not be happier!!

Thank you so much again, Kiyoe