Yuri & Peter

Chateau St.Jean winery

Hi Kiyoe

Long time no hear. How are you?

It’s been eight months since our wedding day. While we were dating, Peter and I had some fights but now we are actually doing really well and every day is very sweet. No baby yet but hopefully soon.

I sincerely appreciate you helping make this a beautiful memory for us. We will treasure it for a lifetime. We originally planned to have just a simple ceremony at City Hall but we are really glad we had the wedding instead. You not only helped us with all the details on the wedding day but also helped me emotionally. I remember, just a few weeks before the wedding day, I had a lot of fear because there were many things that were not ready or decided upon. But, for example, when you and I went to meet with the DJ, you went through every single detail with him. Watching you, I remember thinking “Kiyoe will take care and everything will be ok” and felt relieved. If I had to do all the coordination myself, I would be under so much stress and could not have gone through with the wedding.

I didn’t have time to write my own speech or time to practice the first dance, but I was able to enjoy the day with Peter, our family and friends.

The wedding day was truly a dream: a gorgeous summer day in Sonoma; the fun time I spent with my girlfriends getting the hair & makeup done together, my favorite white shoes; two beautiful wedding dresses; the romantic ceremony at sunset; the precious vows I made with Peter; delicious wine and dinner... These are memories that we will treasure for a lifetime.

After sunset during dinner, the lighting from the paper lanterns was so gorgeous. Looking at those lights from the head table, I wondered if a day like today really exists. A guest from NY said it was like a scene from a movie!

On the wedding day, there were so much to think about and do that I really didn’t have time to check on how you were doing, but during dinner, I vaguely remember seeing you busily working. Even after the wedding, you went to pick up a linen that got returned to the wrong rental company, and delivered it to me at work. You really helped us a lot.

Thank you so much and wishing you the best!

Yuri & Peter